Welccome to the website dedicated to our house in Puglia. On this site I hope to show off some of beautiful sights that Puglia has to offer, from stunning beaches, to baroque towns and delicious cuisine, there really is something for everybody.
  I bought a townhouse in a small city called Carovigno almost 12 years ago and since then have been visiting regularly, learning the language, eating the food and making friends with the locals.
Carovigno itself is nestled amongst the olives groves in Southern Italy about 60 miles from Bari airport and 18 miles from Brindisi Airport, it has a beautiful castle, a couple of interesting church’s as well as a plethora of eating places.
Traditional dancing of the Tarantella in Ostuni. Hostorically thought to be brought on after a bite from a spider! Click on image for more information